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Song surgeon Standard vs. PRO

While not comprehensive, the following table contains a detailed features' comparision between the Standard and PRO versions of Song Surgeon. These differences are found in both the Windows and Mac versions.

Feature Standard PRO
Fixed and Floating Progress Needle
Use of Song Surgeon Project Files
New Pitch/Tempo Sound Engine
Allow Resizing of the GUI
Undo Redo Button
Information Markers
Multiple Presets for Tempo/Pitch
Most Recently opened file list
Drag and Drop to open
Tools/Options Button – Default Settings
Ripping Multiple CD tracks
Repeat play button
EQ Sliders
Stereo & Mono, 8, 16, 24, and 32 bit files
Export Files (Save changes permanently)
Export Loop Data
Pan button
Vocal Reduction
Performance Algorithim
Fade-in / fade-out
Online lookup of CD Track Names
Creation of Multiple Loops
Export Multiple Loop Data
Easy Creation of Custom Audio Files
Individual Settings for Multiple Loops
Editing of waveform
Editing (Insert Silence)
Editing (Delete an area)
Editing (Copy and paste)
Editing (copy/paste between two instances)
Editing (increase/decrease volume)
  This feature is available in Win but not in the Mac version of Song Surgeon.
Snooper Technology (A/V file downloader)
Music Pad/Transcription Area
Free Product Support 6 month1 year
Product Refund 90 days90 days