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    rofessional music slow down software, audio tempo and key changer software, audio transcription software, the perfect customized audio lessons creator software, call it what you may, but all of this - and a lot more - resides under the hood of Song Surgeon. Song Surgeon has become a tremendous hit in more than 100 countries across the world, loved by musicians, transcribers, voice over artists, dancers, recording industry professionals, teachers and students.

    Regardless of whether you are a performer that needs a simple key transposition of a song, a musician practicing new material or worker whose job requires you to listen to a piece of audio over and over again, dissecting and looping that audio for slowed down detail, Song Surgeon is an absolute must have tool on your computer. With sound quality that matches and sometimes even surpasses what thousand-dollar studio quality software products can offer. Song Surgeon is indispensable tool that is available at the surprisingly affordable price. Song Surgeon will have you feeling like you got your money's worth with just a few sessions of use, thanks to its incredible range of functionality and efficiency. Moreover, Song Surgeon does not have a recurring fee. Pay for it once, download and keep it forever!

    I was using Cubase LE for changing the key and speed of a song. With Cubase LE there was distortion if the change in speed was large. With song surgeon there was no distortion. I use song surgeon to make karaoke discs.

    H. Exley
    I also love the fact that the sound is so clear even at super slow speeds. I have a Tascam CD unit for slowing down music and can tell you that there's no comparison. The Tascam unit is very distorted at slow speeds, which makes it more difficult to figure cut the notes.

    M. Johnston
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    Our customers are found in more than 106 countries spread across all continents. Check below to see if we already have other customers in your country.
    Song Surgeon Sign (28 x 28) At Last Count more than 37 different instruments were represent among SS Customers
    • Accordion
    • Acoustic Guitar
    • Bagpipes
    • Banjo
    • Bass
    • Bass Guitar
    • Bodhran
    • Cello
    • Clarinet
    • Dobro
    • Drum/Percussion
    • Electric Guitar
    • Fiddle
    • Flute
    • Guitar
    • Harmonica
    • Horn
    • Irish Tin Whistle
    • Keyboard
    • Lever Harp
    • Lute
    • Mandolin
    • Oboe
    • Pedal Steel guitar
    • Piano/Keyboard
    • Saxophone
    • Trombone
    • Trumpet
    • Violin
    • Viola
    • Voice
    • Recorder
    • English Handbells
    • Ukulele
    • Autoharp
    • Dulcimer
    • Concertina
    Song Surgeon Sign Version 4 (28 x 28) Index Market Uses
    • Music Practice
    • Music Performance
    • Music Transcription
    • Translation
    • Dance Studios
    • Karaoke Music
    • Backing Tracks
    • Worship Music
    • Music Production
    • Exercise Classes
    • DJs
    • Teachers
    • Students

    Product Comments


    Simply Wonderful

    Song surgeon is a grand slam. Simply wonderful. I use it every day to assist my Traditional Irish Fiddling. I can't believe the increase level of sophistication from when I started with...

    - Maggie Fleming

    The new Song Surgeon 3 is astounding!

    I have tried similiar products over the years but none of them compare in features and functionality to Song Surgeon. This program is outstanding!

    - C.T. Brown
    BBB Accredited Rating Badge A product is only as good as the company that stands behind it. Todd, Michael & James, Inc., the parent company of Song Surgeon, has been marketing products on the Internet since 2001. We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

    Product Quality:    In addition to the BBB rating we have hundreds of testimonials from customers, not only about the quality of Song Surgeon but also about the quality of the service that we provide.

    Guarantee:    Song Surgeon offers a fully functional 4-hour demo so you can test drive the product before you buy it. But beyond this we offer a full 60 day, 100% money back guarantee - no questions asked. In almost 10 years of doing business we have NEVER refused a refund.

    Customer Service/Support:     As a small company we recognize the importance of customer service. We have a full service Help Desk, provide email support and, as needed, also provide phone support AND remote assistance. A few comments about our customer service are provided below.

    Customer Service Comment


    Tech Support is First Class ..

    The level of tech support provided by the experts at Song Surgeon is first class. Thank you again for the splendid help to it going on my machine.

    - Douglas Mudgeway
    Time Limited Version of Song Surgeon Right Here!

    Whether you are considering Song Surgeon for one of the uses mentioned above, or for something entirely different, there is only one way to find out if it's right for you - Try It.

    You can download, install and begin using the PRO version of Song Surgeon within 5 minutes.



    Version 4
    Version 4